Interview: Bill Bryson


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In an exclusive Tab interview, best-selling author BILL BRYSON tells KATIE FORSTER about his enjoyable experiences with weed, why he will never use Twitter and how Mitt Romney very nearly won him over.

Testament to Bill Bryson’s popularity is the length of the excited queue that stretches up the stairs following his talk at the Union. The best-selling transatlantic author has promised to sign copies of his books about travel, science and the English language – after a quick chat with The Tab, of course.

Despite the chaotic buzz around his presence at the Union, Bryson is gentle, smiley and very polite. I turn on my phone to record the interview and he looks at it as if it’s a small animal he’s never encountered before.

“Phones do that now?” he asks in quiet wonder. “My family won’t let me have a decent phone because I lose them as soon as I get them.” […]